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Welcome to the website for Space Science Sweden (S3). We are an Umeå based group founded in January 2015, composed of academics and space science hobbyists. We are working on a lunar electric field measurement instrument that will hitch a ride with Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS, née PTScientists) mission to the moon, in collaboration with Umeå University as part of Umeå Lunar Venture.

This site is a bit temporary and will be here until we sort some hardware issues.



We have been running long-term stability tests for the last six months, working on other projects in the meantime. We have planned to start another batch of tests around April this year, but this may be delayed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

In mission news, our friends at PTS were recently acquired by Zeitfracht Group, see this blog post on PTS' website.


We are at Forskarfredag. Come take a look!


Summer is over, back in the lab. We have a plan to get the old web server up again, on more stable internet and backed up with a UPS.

As for testing, we just finished a two-week run in vacuum. We have a new vacuum system that we'll be assembling in the coming week or two, which should allow it to reach lower pressures and with better grounding, since the entire chamber is made of stainless steel instead of glass.

We're also working on a pair of papers, one detailing the instrument we're developing and the other focusing on the mission as a whole.


There was a problem with the HTTPS setup on the web server this site runs on. The problem has been addressed.

As for the project, tests are continuing, even in vacation times.


Summar is approaching. We've been busy with thermal issues lately, but a solution seems to be at hand. We're also running tests characterizing the instrument, each of which takes a bit over two weeks to run (!).

HTTPS support has been added to the temporary site, which should stop complaints in certain RSS readers. Still no RSS however, maybe later.


Temporary site set up. We're focusing most of our energy on developing the instrument, but hopefully some time can be found to set up the previous site on a new machine. An alternative would be to convert the site to a static site using a generator like Pelican or Jekyll, but that also takes a bit of time.


If you have any questions send us an email at scube at haerdin.se.

The S3 team